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We offer a full range of reliable and cost effective M2M/IoT products combined with fast, friendly and first class support. Our key markets include security, water and sewage, transport, environmental monitoring, construction, industrial automation, and agriculture. We are experts in flexible solutions for your specific monitoring needs.

Datalogger with Water Level and Temperature Sensor

Datalogger with Humidity & Temperature Sensor

Cellular Signal Analyser

EWO - Cloud-Based Dashboard

EWO gives you full control of your projects

Our IoT cloud-based dashboard EWO provides an environment for managing, monitoring IoT hardware and logging and visualizing data.


EWO is hosted in a secure AWS environment and provides users with a user-friendly interface and can also interface with 3rd party SCADA platforms. EWO is most suited for small to medium enterprise companies that need a cost-effective means to measure display and log remotely collected data over cellular networks.


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