ETM Communication is a part of Sigicom

ETM Communications AB and ETM Mätteknik AB, are a part of Sigicom since February, 2022.

ETM is a leading Swedish IoT supplier of cellular-based devices for several industrial applications. The company has manufactured and delivered more than half a million cellular communication devices to customers worldwide. ETM was founded in 1988 and was headquartered in Bromma outside Stockholm before they moved into Sigicom’s office in Älvsjö at the beginning of May.

– The ETM success story is based on the employees’ ability to deliver innovative user-friendly solutions which create high customer value and great customer relationships over time. The fact that Sigicom now chooses to acquire ETM will provide very good conditions to further develop and market our offer, says Carl Johan Håkansson, CEO of ETM.

Over the last four decades, Sigicom has grown to become a leading supplier and manufacturer of robust remote monitoring solutions. Sigicom develops autonomous and innovative measuring equipment for vibration, noise, and geotech with accompanying cloud software for presentation and reporting. Sigicom is a global company with offices located in France, Canada, the UK, and USA.

– ETM is a company with similar values and culture as Sigicom, where we see that their journey is similar to the one we have done. After an integration of solutions related to Construction Site Monitoring, ETM will contribute to a solid foundation within Sigicom’s continued investment in geo, says Torbjörn Rehnström, CEO of Sigicom AB.

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