EWO – IoT Clod Dashboard

ETM’s IoT cloud-based dashboard (EWO) provides an environment for managing, monitoring IoT hardware and logging and visualizing data.

EWO is hosted in a secure AWS environment and provides users with a user-friendly interface and can also interface with 3rd party SCADA platforms. EWO is most suited for small to medium enterprise companies that need a cost-effective means to measure display and log remotely collected data over cellular networks.

ETM Web Office is an IoT cloud-based dashboard and a platform for seamless management and monitoring of your hardware. Collect, store, and display visualization of data and connectivity parameters. Users can receive SMS and e-mail alerts directly from their connected units and sensors.

Hosted within a secure AWS environment, the platform supports robust data security and boasts an intuitive user interface. It has the ability to integrate with third-party SCADA platforms, expanding its versatility and compatibility.

The IoT platform has several advantages such as quick response times when issues occur, preventing possible future problems, documentation of the quality of communication, and better possibility of performing fault tracing.

The platform serves as the central hub for visualizing measurement data, offering a comprehensive solution for IoT management and data utilization.