Important Message to ETM Customers in the Pacific

All customers for ETM products that have earlier purchased from ETM Pacific are recommended to contact ETM Sweden* for any inquiries they may have.  

Due to the termination of the reseller agreement of ETM products for ETM Pacific, we are shifting all customer care, support, and sales of ETM products to ETM Sweden. 

We recognize the importance of providing unmatched customer care, support, and tailored solutions, and this ensures that customers across the Pacific region continue to receive the highest level of assistance, expertise, and innovation that they have come to expect from the ETM brand.

ETM Sweden’s dedicated full-time support department is primed to address any inquiries, technical challenges, or support-related issues customers may encounter. With a team of skilled professionals, customers can rest assured that their concerns will be promptly addressed and resolved.   

Additionally, ETM Sweden offers a team of seasoned sales representatives specializing in delivering monitoring solutions designed to cater to your needs. Our sales representatives are committed to providing the optimal solutions that align with customers’ evolving requirements. 

Please get in touch with us directly for anything you might need, and we will help in any way possible.

Contact: Pejang Tahmasebi, Sales Manager Industrial
Phone: +46 8 44 99 750

About ETM and Sigicom

ETM is a leading Swedish IoT supplier of cellular-based devices for several industrial applications. The company has manufactured and delivered more than half a million cellular communication devices to customers worldwide. ETM was founded in 1988 and was headquartered in Bromma outside Stockholm before they were acquired by Sigicom AB in 2022 and moved into Sigicom’s office in Älvsjö, Sweden.

Over the last four decades, Sigicom has become a leading supplier and manufacturer of robust remote monitoring solutions. Sigicom develops autonomous and innovative measuring equipment for vibration, noise, and geotech with accompanying cloud software for presentation and reporting. Sigicom is a global company with offices in France, Canada, the UK, and the USA. 

*)ETM Sweden consists of ETM Mätteknik AB and ETM communication AB and is a part of the Sigicom Group.