Environmental Monitoring

Solutions for monitoring the environment including measuring rainfall monitoring, water level monitoring, temperature and humidity. Well suited for agricultural applications.

ETM’s objective is “connecting things”. We help customers connect to the global cellular telecom network and our track record has continually provided our customers with a cost effective and robust IoT solution.

How does it work?

The ETM DeltaBlue has integrated sensors for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. However it also supports connecting external sensors if needed.

Keeping track of the Environment

Monitoring the environment is important for many reasons. ETM's solutions include Rainfall metering, monitoring temperature and humidity and much more. The battery powered DeltaBlue data logger is made to measure data, upload it wirelessly via cellular 4G technology. It also supports highly customizable alarms sent out via SMS.

A common application is for monitoring rainfall where keeping track of rain levels can be crucial in order to prevent flooding.

Suited Products

  • Cellular wireless data logging to cloud platform
  • IP67 rated enclosure for outdoor use
  • Battery Powered with long lasting battery
  • Supports several external sensors
  • Customizable alarms

ETM’s Cellular 4G/3G/2G range of battery powered dataloggers are IP67 rated and well suited for outdoor environments.

The DeltaBlue has built-in internal sensors for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and also supports connecting external sensors. This makes it very suitable for numerous environmental applications

ETM’s data loggers/alarm dialers are the right choice when it comes to ease of use, configuration and accurate alarming.



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