Machine Monitoring

An IoT solution for machine monitoring involves using sensors connected to necessary machines via cellular technology. These sensors collect real-time data and sends it to an optional server. This makes it easier to improve overall efficiency.

How does it work?

ETM DeltaBlack supports custom alarms and relay control, logging of external sensor values, sending them wirelessly through 2G/3G/4G to either ETM's cloud server (EWO) or your own server of choice.

Optimize your production processes

ETM offers versatile solutions for machine monitoring. The ETM DeltaBlack cellular data logger supports several external sensors and is equipped with relay for remote control.

Manage and monitor your production remotely. Reduce machine downtime, increase your production efficiency.

Suited Products

  • Cellular wireless data logging to cloud platform
  • IP67 rated enclosure for outdoor use (DeltaBlue)
  • Battery Powered with long lasting battery (DeltaBlue)
  • DIN-Mounted solution (DeltaBlack)
  • Customizable alarms (SMS or to server)

ETM’s Cellular 4G/3G/2G range of battery powered dataloggers are IP67 rated and well suited for outdoor environments.

Combine the DeltaBlue data logger with a pressure sensor for a plug-and-play solution for remote water level monitoring. Using batteries for long lasting power they do not require external power.

ETM’s data loggers/alarm dialers are the right choice when it comes to ease of use, configuration and accurate alarming.



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