Smart Metering

ETM offers 35 years of experience of developing and distributing M2M products across the globe for the largest corporations.

ETM’s range of 4G / GSM serial modems provide a reliable gateway to collect and serve realtime data from smart meters used in industrial and domestic environments.

How does smart metering work?

ETM-Purple is easily integrated that enables a cellular data gateway between e.g. an electricity meter to a server. Collect electricity meter data remotely using IoT technology.

Making electricity meters smart

With it's compact form factor, ETM-Purple can be installed inside the electricity meter which will both protect and supply the ETM-Purple with power.
A power failure alarm (Last Gasp) is supported. It uses super-capacitors instead of batteries, which gives ETM-Purple a long lifetime and robust functionality.

Suited Products

  • Cellular wireless meter reading sent to server
  • Cost-effective
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Compact design to fit inside most electricity meters
  • Last Gasp power failure alarm

Low cost compact remote global cellular GSM data terminal client or server

The ETM Purple product family is designed for use with a variety of energy meters in order to provide a robust communication channel for meter data to back office systems. The Purple modem has a compact design and will fit inside the most common electrical meters present on the market.

Units that allow for RS485/422 communication can be made available depending on quantities required.


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