Water Level Measurement

Previously the most common way to measure water level was by using a measuring stick mounted in the water. That meant someone had to go out every time to register the measurement. This was quite an expensive and time consuming activity. ETM's DeltaBlue datalogger measures the water level automatically and sends the values to a cloud server via cellular technology for it to be easily read by a phone, tablet or computer therefore saving a lot of time and money.

How It Works

The ETM DeltaBlue can easily connect to a pressure sensor for a plug-and-play solution for water depth measurement with customizable alarm levels.

Measuring Water Level

ETM offers products and solutions for measuring water levels in lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. The battery powered DeltaBlue data logger is made to measure data, upload it wirelessly and can be set up to send a SMS alarm at a specific water level.

This is a great solution for groundwater monitoring where keeping track of groundwater level is cruical.

Suited Products

  • Cellular wireless data logging to cloud platform
  • IP67 rated enclosure for outdoor use
  • Battery Powered with long lasting battery
  • Add pressure sensor for plug and play solution
  • Customizable alarms for water depth levels

ETM’s Cellular 4G/3G/2G range of battery powered dataloggers are IP67 rated and well suited for outdoor environments.

Combine the DeltaBlue data logger with a pressure sensor for a plug-and-play solution for remote water level monitoring. Using batteries for long lasting power they do not require external power.

ETM’s data loggers/alarm dialers are the right choice when it comes to ease of use, configuration and accurate alarming.



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