Delta Groundwater

Datalogger with Groundwater Sensor

This rugged and autonomous monitoring solution is an excellent choice for groundwater monitoring, providing precise data to help you make informed decisions about water usage and conservation. The system consists of a groundwater level sensor and a data logger suitable for autonomous outdoor use. This setup is equipped to handle your task with ease.  
  • Low cost and low maintenance

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Alerts for critical events via web, SMS, or email

  • No fixed communication or power source required







Key features

Low cost - Low cost and low maintenance.
Plug and play solution - Fast installation and easy start-up.
Long battery life - No fixed communication or power source required.


IoT Platform

EWO is our IoT cloud-based dashboard and a platform for seamless management and monitoring of your hardware. Collect, store, and display visualization of data and connectivity parameters. Users can receive SMS and e-mail alerts directly from their connected units and sensors.


Read more about EWO


Mount the hardware on a pole

DeltaBlue Pole Mount Holder

A stainless steel mounting bracket that can easily be attacked to a surface when installing a DeltaBlue unit. If you want to attach a lock like shown in one of the pictures above, make sure it’s mounted on the right side for it to provide any security.

Power supply

Battery for DeltaBlue

ER34615M Lithium battery made for the DeltaBlue cellular datalogger & alarm transmitter. This battery is non rechargeable, but provides a very high capacity for it’s size. 14 Ah/50,4Wh

  • Easy Replacement
  • Long lasting
  • Works well in cold climates