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ETM’s objective is “connecting things”. We help customers connect to the global cellular telecom network and our track record has continually provided our customers with a cost effective and robust IoT solution.

Industrial IoT products

ETM Communication is a leading Swedish IoT supplier of cellular-based devices for several industrial applications. The company has manufactured and delivered more than half a million cellular communication devices to customers worldwide. ETM was founded in 1988 and was acquired by Sigicom in 2022.


We are a manufacturer of measurement solutions for geotechnical monitoring of groundwater levels, temperature, humidity, and other parameters. Since 1997, ETM has concentrated on developing market-leading 2G, 3G and 4G cellular M2M products and is a leading supplier of wireless modems for smart metering applications.


Our products

ETM was acquired by Sigicom in 2022

– ETM is a company with similar values and culture as Sigicom, where we see that their journey is similar to the one we have done. After an integration of solutions related to Construction Site Monitoring, ETM will contribute to a solid foundation within Sigicom’s continued investment in geo, says Torbjörn Rehnström, CEO of Sigicom AB.


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